Monday Music Muse

Monday Music Muse

The constant onslaught of new tunes – and the ability to access music whenever and wherever – can make it hard to keep up. Here at Our Space, we celebrate our diverse taste in tunes and welcome one another’s contribution to the playlist of our lives. Here are three of my favorites so far this year:

Gotye:  A bit overplayed with his hit “Somebody That I Used to Know;” nevertheless, the Sting-ish quality of his voice and humble demeanor puts him on my list. Here is a lesser known song from his 2012 album, Eyes Wide Open. The video is trippy, the lyrics amazing, the beat addicting.



Graffiti6:  Don’t hold his uncanny resemblance to Nick Lachey against lead singer Jamie Scott. He is WAY cooler than Lachey. The groovy beat and soulful vocals transport you somewhere between the late ’60s and early ’70s. “Stare Into the Sun” off of their Colours album is a good example of the folky, blues, alternative elements of these guys.  Yeah, they are all that.



The Hives: The latest release from The Hives is serious rock and roll. The energy of this band reverbs into your soul, and where you were once sluggish and fatigued you now have new oomph in your step.  Happy Monday Morning! “Go Right Ahead” – check it out!



What music motivates you on Mondays? Share with us in the comments!

Cover Photo Source: Diego Cambiaso via Flickr

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