Latinvision Conference Features Effective Marketing Strategies to Reach the Latina Consumer

CHICAGO (July 19, 2010) — Jim Legg, EVP of leadership and innovation at the San Jose Group, is participating in Latinvision’s Marketing to Latinas Conference on Thursday, June 10 in New York. He will be in the company of marketing executives from top companies like Macy’s, Unilever and AOL Latino, and will share insights about the Nueva Latina and her significance as a consumer and as an influential segment of the Hispanic market.

“From her origins to her lifestyle, the Nueva Latina is a segment of the Hispanic market that marketers in numerous categories cannot ignore,” said Legg. “The Nueva Latina represents the largest subgroup of the entire U.S. Hispanic female population and her influence over other family units makes her a very important consumer.”
The Nueva Latina embraces the duality of her American and Latin culture. As a bicultural segment of the Hispanic population, she represents a movement that indicates the emergence of a new Latino identity. Although 3.7 million Hispanic women make up the Nueva Latina subgroup, her effect over the family’s and parents’ decisions extends the influence of this segment to 17.7 million people.
“Marketers are struggling to reach increasingly fragmented multicultural segments, but by examining the behaviors and motivators of the Nueva Latina, we can develop strategies that resonate with her lifestyle,” added Legg. “Latinas today make most of the purchasing decisions for their families, so it’s critical for marketers to understand how to reach them.”

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