SJG Logs in to Future of Client Communication Technology

CHICAGO (July 11, 2007) — The San Jose Group (SJG) recently launched a new project management microsite called BuZone, becoming one of the first Hispanic agencies to offer a program of such sophistication. BuZone was designed to replace traditional file transfer protocol (FTP) sites with a secure, time-efficient forum for clients to review and approve creative work.

“The central goal of BuZone was to maximize client service with a comprehensible communication medium,” said George L. San Jose, president and COO of SJG. “Even if we’re on one continent and our client is on another, BuZone will serve as an invaluable forum for client-agency interaction.”

BuZone, which phonetically means “mailbox” in Spanish, contains similar features to a traditional FTP site in the way users can upload files from a particular network. Throughout the last decade, marketing agencies have been building and using FTP sites for the approval of large, time-sensitive creative files that cannot be sent by email. The agency uploads creative work onto the site so clients can view it for approval.

However, while traditional FTP sites allow any user with the main password to log on to an open server of files accessible by multiple companies, BuZone provides separate accounts to offer a more personalized experience for clients. Each account will only archive the creative pieces or URLs that pertain to that particular client, preventing users from viewing work other than their own. Another feature unique to SJG’s BuZone platform is the ability to leave comments or discuss changes in dialogue boxes that correspond to each file. All comments are documented by time and date, and can be retrieved by all stakeholders of an account. Jim Legg, account services director of SJG, believes that the most noticeable change will be a shorter “time-to-market” for creative.

“One of the best features of BuZone is the high level of efficiency that our clients will experience within the creative approval process,” said Legg. “All stakeholders are at the table from the beginning, which helps everyone stay even more focused on building a powerful brand.”

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