The San Jose Group Launches New Media Services Company

CHICAGO (September 8, 2006) — One of the largest and most seasoned Hispanic advertising agencies in the U.S., The San Jose Group (SJG), has launched a wholly owned media services company, Opus-Media. According to agency management, the company was formed in response to the growing demand of SJG’s specialized media expertise across various client bases.

“In addition to serving SJG’s current accounts, Opus has been founded to offer strategic media expertise to three main types of clients: independent Hispanic agencies that do not offer planning and buying capabilities, general market media buying companies in the U.S. and member agencies of The San Jose Network,” said George L. San Jose, president of SJG.
San Jose emphasized that Opus will continue to offer what he characterizes as a major point of difference within the industry: media expertise founded on strategy and performance. “Opus takes its capabilities beyond TRPs, GRPs and CPP analysis,” said San Jose. “Instead, it offers media programs that are driven by marketing principles, and to deliver branding, marketing and sales results.”
Part of Opus’ marketing focus is driven by a unique integration with SJG’s other MARCOM departments, such as advertising, public relations and promotions, from the planning phases to in-market execution.
“We do not work in silos, on any level,” said Yadhira Arroyo, senior strategist of Opus-Media. “By having a seat at the table from the beginning, Opus stays focused on the client’s brand, not just on negotiating great rates.”

Arroyo went on to explain how Opus optimizes media results by extending its integration model to external stakeholders. “For example, in the case of our CPG clients, we literally sit shoulder-to-shoulder with our media reps, our client’s brand teams, retail sales reps and even their retail accounts to customize turnkey promotional programs that create the ‘win-win-win’ for everyone,” said Arroyo.

She also mentioned how Opus’ bold openness to leveraging non-traditional media and a more agile, personalized level of client service are additional competitive advantages. “We don’t simply fall back on media vehicles and approaches that are easier to execute,” said Arroyo. “If our client wants their logo printed along a sidewalk, on fresh produce or even on a skyscraper in downtown Chicago, and it makes sense, we’ll do it.”
About The San Jose Group

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