The San Jose Group’s Management Team Members Train To Become Level Five Leaders

CHICAGO (October 31, 2003)  The San Jose Group‘s management team underwent an intensive three-day, off-site training on how to achieve level five leadership and attain a higher level of excellence in the work they perform for their clients. The training sessions were conducted by Charles Collie, founder and president of Collie & Associates–a consulting firm dedicated to improving the business performance of professional services firms.

According to Charles Collie, level five leaders exhibit a combination of personal humility and professional will, which coupled with disciplined thoughts and actions, positively impact clients’ businesses by reaching and surpassing established goals.

“Each day we strive to better service our business partners be providing excellence in the work we do, I believe in the value of empowering my team to achieve level five leadership and become the absolute best that they can be,” said George L. San Jose, president and COO of the San Jose Group.

“Leaders influence the people in an organization as they perform and deliver high quality client service. I have spent over a decade helping companies re-shape themselves to become great in their businesses, and to develop their most important asset: the people,” said Collie.

“Understanding our leadership skills and being able to achieve our mission, which is to produce unprecedented results for our clients using marketing communications solutions, will help us to continuously achieve the level of excellence that we hold ourselves to,” said Jennifer Woods, executive vice president of the San Jose Group.  

About The San Jose Group

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