The San Jose Network Announces New Affiliate in Mexico City

CHICAGO (November 3, 1999) — One of the largest independent advertising agencies in Mexico City has recently become a member of The San Jose Network.

Delta-RHO Publicidad represents the 14th member of the Network and the second affiliate in Mexico. (Tarin & Contreras of Monterrey, Nuevo Leon, joined in December of 1998).

“With the addition of Delta-RHO we have solidified our presence in the two most important industrial and commercial centers in Mexico, and are now fully equipped to provide our clients with localized service throughout the entire Republic,” said George San Jose, President and COO of the San Jose Group.

Delta-RHO relies on more than 15 years of experience, with Pepsi Mexico, Sony Mexico, Blockbuster Video, Office Depot and Black & Decker among their main clients.

The recent addition has also successfully complemented the expansion of the Network throughout the U.S., Mexico and Central America. “Now we have our bases well covered in the northern portion of the Americas, from the U.S. all the way down to Panama,” added San Jose. Currently, The San Jose Network is $117 million strong in capitalized billings and relies on more than 300 seasoned advertising professionals.

George San Jose also foresees additional growth in the rest of Latin America, with The San Jose Network expanding into all countries of South America and most of the Caribbean before the year 2000.

About The San Jose Group

Incorporated in 1981, The San Jose Group is a consortium of marketing communications companies specializing in reaching the Hispanic and non-Hispanic markets of the U.S. and Latin America. Headquartered in Chicago, the Group’s expertise, service and resources transcend domestic and international markets.