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Importance of Simplicity: A Message from Chicago’s “You Are Beautiful” Art Campaign

If you’ve been anywhere outdoors in the Chicago area in the past five years, you have probably seen various signs and art pieces written with the phrase “You Are Beautiful” on it around the city which can be spotted in the neighborhoods of Rogers Park, Uptown, Andersonville, West Loop, Chinatown, and Ukrainian Village.   This […]

Misconceptions about Millennials: Who Are They and Why Are They ‘Ruining Everything’?

If you keep up with Twitter, you may have seen some memes of article titles, written presumably by Baby Boomers, about various industries that Millennials are being accused of being responsible for destroying. In the opinions of many, Millennials are the sole cause of the decline in spending on and patronage of oil, diamonds, homes, […]

A Lesson From Met Gala Fashion

In early May, one of the biggest celebrity fashion events of the year, the MET Gala, took place. Every year, celebrities of all kinds make the pilgrimage to New York City to walk down the Red Carpet set up by the Metropolitan Museum of Art’s Costume Institute, to launch the new annual exhibit theme.   […]

Wisdom.Applied Wednesday: Personal Rebranding

One Direction: five teenage, European heartthrobs who touch girls’ hearts, playlists, and wall space for more than five years now. From “What Makes You Beautiful” to “Story of My Life,” the famous quintet seemingly perfected their music and group aesthetic. But such a feeling of perfection was not unanimous. In March 2015, Zayn Malik announced […]

Two for Tuesday: UX for U, pt. 1

In today’s digital marketing world, it’s no surprise that one’s time is competed for by countless brands over various media outlets. So how best can you, as a digital marketer, rise above the masses and stand out among competitors? One answer? UX. More traditionally, UX has become increasingly important for website design, for this design […]

Wisdom.Applied Wednesday: How to “Talk” with your Celeb-Crush

You leave your favorite concert, head down, wishing you could walk up to that lead singer and ask for an autograph. You wish you could sit that vocal prodigy down and ask questions about the glorified, star-studded lifestyle, asking where their songs draw inspiration from, where their favorite place to perform is… As if Facebook […]

Two for Tuesday: One foot, two foot, wet foot, dry foot

In January 2006, fifteen Cubans clung for safety on the Seven Mile Bridge after their homemade boat was in danger of sinking. The group attempted to flee Cuba via the Florida Straits, hoping that they could make it safely to the U.S. with “dry feet.” When a Coast Guard found the group clinging to this […]

Two for Tuesday: The Southernmost Point

90 Miles to Cuba; Southernmost Point, Continental U.S., Key West, FL. Amongst tourists flocking from much more than 90 miles away, I visited the Southernmost Point of the U.S. in Key West this past winter. I thought like a tourist—I posed for a picture and maybe even took a selfie in front of the anchored, […]

Wisdom.Applied Wednesday: 25,915

25,915: the average amount of days a human has to live. The amount of days to be young, grow old, be healthy. So what’s one sure way to stay healthy during your 25,915 days? Run! Reebok’s new commercial, 25,915 Days, tells the story of one woman who exemplifies making the most of her days. The […]

Trending Tuesday: Disney Rebrands into Live-Action

“Some Disney purists may be asking why, considering so many of these films were great to begin with” Drew Mackie prompts, referring to Disney’s recent revival as a live-action enterprise. “The answer is simple… these are films people are willing to shell out to watch” (People). Over the past few years, Disney has started to […]

Wisdom.Applied Wednesday: More than just a Popular Picture App

Today’s market is dominated by mobile devices and mobile apps: customers cruise Instagram while shopping for milk and butter; the bored peruse their second-cousin-once-removed’s trip to Florida; athletes plan their big weekend bike trip on Google Maps. Since July 2008, when Apple’s App Store for iOS opened, mobile apps have consumed individuals, companies, brands, and […]