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Trending Tuesday: Mouthwatering Ads

What’s better than enjoying your favorite mouthwatering foods and beverages? Enjoying them with loved ones, of course! Just for fun, take a look at a few favorite, family-focused food and drink advertisements. Each has great creative directions, for the consumer is fully engaged in the visuals and story long before the brand is even revealed. […]

Trending Tuesday: America’s Really Got Talent

At just twelve-years-old, with mustard-colored pants, short blonde hair, and a smile that stretched across the America’s Got Talent stage, Grace VanderWaal took the Internet by storm. Grace’s fantastic voice and brilliant personality not only gave her an instantly massive fan base and the chance to win the season from Hollywood, but also the impressive […]

Funny Friday: National Ice Cream Month

National Ice Cream Month: the perfect excuse to grab that chocolate dipped cone on a hot summer day. But while July might entice some to seek out the nearest DQ, others can get a guilt free ice cream fix by watching a few well-done ice cream advertisements! The classic story of distress to success is […]

Throwback Thursday: A Love Story Unwrapped

The most pervasive ads often say little about the product being promoted, as Tim Maroder explains. One recent minty fresh ad did just this by silently promoting Wrigley’s Extra gum amongst a truly heartwarming love story. The Story of Juan and Sarah (Oct. 2015) creatively unwraps one couple’s time together. The story starts with Juan […]

Wisdom.Applied Wednesday: Brands to the Future

SPOILER ALERT! Because there are apparently people among us who have not seen the Back to the Future Trilogy.  Since you’re Interneting right now, you must be aware that today is Back to the Future II Day. Yes, today is the day the Doc Brown, Marty McFly and his girlfriend Jennifer Parker travel to from […]

Two For Tuesday: Oktoberfest with a Latin American Flair

As October enters the home stretch and Halloween pulls into view, we here at The San Jose Group hope that you’ve had the opportunity to drink plenty of beer in honor of that other beloved October tradition – the German beer celebration known as Oktoberfest, which originated in Munich. Throughout the month, bars, breweries, cities […]

Two for Tuesday: By Popular Demand

“The customer is always right.” For anybody who has worked in a customer service job of any type, that is probably the most infuriating motto in the English language. By and large, though, it’s also true. Keeping customers happy is key to protecting a brand’s image and ensuring customer loyalty, so while it may make […]

Throwback Thursday: Back to the Cuba

Great Scott! Any Back to the Future fan is excited to be living in our modern time. Although we don’t have any (real) hover boards, legitimate power laced Nikes or self-drying clothes, we do have a Cubs team that is vying to make a run for the World Series (can you say Kris Bryant and Jake Arrieta?) […]

Pope Francis Wraps Up Cuba Visit

Ahead of his highly anticipated tour of the United States, which begins today in Washington, D.C., Pope Francis kicked off his swing through the Western Hemisphere Saturday, arriving in Cuba. The Pope has largely been credited as a catalyst in the continuing thaw in U.S.-Cuba relations, Francis spent the weekend celebrating mass in front of […]

Two For Tuesday: When Awards Go Viral

The Emmys take place this upcoming Sunday, September 20th. For this week’s Two for Tuesday, we take a look at how other awards shows have proven to be great opportunities for brands looking to make a mark on pop culture.   Marketing and advertising departments spend a lot of time and money creating new campaigns and […]

Wisdom.Applied Wednesday: Streaming Services Reign Supreme

Did you hear? Hulu’s finally joining its streaming competitors by offering a commercial-free experience to paying users. In honor of this new and improved looked, Our Space takes you through what’s driving consumers’ thought processes when it comes to how they choose to watch their stories.   Netflix. Hulu. Amazon Prime. The rise of the […]

Two For Tuesday: Travel Apps for a Simpler Trip

It’s another holiday in the books as the calendar turns to September, the weather turns downward, and travelers’ eyes across the country turn to the next holiday. As you begin to book your Thanksgiving flights, we here at Our Space hope to make your next trip even easier – because what word better describes holiday […]