Safe Texts

Practice Safe Texts

Admit it; sometimes we’re so concerned with getting out the “LOL” or “OMG” that we forget about where we are or if it’s even the most appropriate time to text. However, certain texting practices can help you avoid embarrassment, shame and even death.

Here’s a list of ways to practice safe texts:

10. Never text while moving – Walking, running, rollerblading, skateboarding– you name it– navigating your body around without the sense of sight (mixed with the added difficulty of being unfocused) can lead to disastrous results especially if you’re trying to dodge cars, trees or other natural and man-made obstacles.

9. Never get a TUI- Save yourself the embarrassment; if you raise your glass, pocket your phone. You don’t want to be Texts from Last Night’s latest trend (or do you?)

8. Avoid simultaneous text disasters (STDs) – Always be sure you know who you’re texting. What’s more embarrassing than sending “I love you, babe” to your boss when the intended receiver was your significant other. Don’t let texting leave you answering to HR.

7. Always use spell check protection- Yes, it is embarrassing when our phones think they’re smarter than us and we become the punch line of an auto correct joke.

6. Use some self text control- There’s a time/place to text, and there is a time to let your phone sit idly: don’t text in Church/temple/or other places of worship, work/school, movie theaters or the bathroom (you’re obviously occupied otherwise). Basically, pay attention to the No Texting Signs.

5. Consider if a text appropriately conveys your feelings- Sometimes you’re thinking text, but after you’ve typed a novel, you realize a phone call would have been your better option. You can never get those wasted text minutes back.

4. Use lock protection- People text all kinds of information and rarely delete them such as passwords and SSNs (it’s been done), just because you lose your phone, it doesn’t mean you need to lose your identity over a text.

3. Make sure you let your text partner know what kind of text conversation this will be- sometimes if you blow a text off after you’ve initiated the conversation, you could send mixed signals to your partner.

2. Never text and tell (or show)- Sometimes the contents of a juicy text are meant for your eyes only.

1. Don’t text while driving- this ones the law—and unlike prohibition, it’s here to stay, so get used to it.

Remember, when done right, texting can be a beautiful thing. Use these practices to warrant the most positive texting experiences.

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