Derrick Rose

Selling Shoes Without Selling Your Soul…

In a day when arrogance is confused with confidence and cockiness is esteemed as essential to marketing oneself – I am always thrilled to hear of someone who knows the privilege of finding themselves in a position of influence. This article by Account Executive Wilhelm Lawrence, proves what I have always held to be true.  You can be a huge success and still be humble. You can be the Most Valuable Player and not play the fame game. You can be great and still be grateful. Check out the video, then read Will’s article that summarizes the significance of this stand out athlete.


Chicago’s Son, Chicago’s Heart

“Chicago’s Son.” This would be the exact phrase I would use to describe Derrick Rose. If Michael Jordan was “Chicago’s Iron Will,” then Rose is definitely “Chicago’s Heart.” In an industry where the “me” mentality is a priority and egos cloud the media landscape, Rose’s attitude towards his fans is refreshing and heartfelt. Attitudes toward the public among sports stars have taken many faces. Lebron turning from hometown hero to NBA’s Cheshire Cat (he plays the selfless soldier but always has that grin knowing that he knows he is the man). Kobe, taking a page from Jordan, wanting to be respected rather than loved. As shown in the video, Rose proves that some athletes truly understand the position they hold. The sheer depth of emotions displayed at a simple shoe release gives us a glimpse into the heart of this man.  A man who’d be willing to lasso the moon if that’s what his fans wanted from him. From an Englewood prodigy to a college All-American to NBA superstar, Rose has never lost sight of the blessings that have come into his life and, more importantly, of where he came from.

Cover Photo Source: Keith Allison via Wikimedia Commons

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