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Sports and Business: Even Michael Jordan Got Cut

I’ve played the female version of America’s past-time my entire life, and I’ve always attributed my character to what I’ve learned from the game. Now- entering the fast-paced world of business- more than ever, I’m I glad I had softball (and sports in general) to teach me some simple rules.

Sports/business Rule #4: Be a Self Motivator.

Our Space Sports and BusinessSometimes, you get cut… But don’t let that stop you, let it motivate you. Remember, even Michael Jordan got cut.

I always say, and make sure you quote me on this, “champions take adversity and call it motivation, losers take adversity and make it an excuse.”

Just because you get cut from a team (or didn’t get a job), doesn’t mean you should stop playing the game. When I was 12 years old, I got cut from my town’s travel softball team. I found a new team… And beat the team I was cut from. I never gave up.

It took me almost a year to accept a job offer for a full-time position after graduating. I could have worked at other places (outside my area of interest) but I continued to peruse the career (or sport) I wanted. Dedication and motivation helped me land a job I love. Just because one coach (HR manager) didn’t make you part of the team (company), doesn’t mean another wouldn’t want to add you to the roster.

Even if you’ve got to sit the bench (and intern) for a while after graduating, it doesn’t mean a coach (boss) doesn’t see potential in you. The fact that you’re on the bench means you’re worth the coaches’ time and effort. When given the chance, give it your all (while playing within yourself).


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