Sports and Business: Remain Calm, Regain Control

I’ve played the female version of America’s past-time my entire life, and I’ve always attributed my character to what I’ve learned from the game. Now- entering the fast-paced world of business- more than ever I’m I glad I had softball (and sports and general) to teach me some simple rules.

Sports/business Rule #2: Keep composure.

Just like when umpires make bad calls, things happen in business that are beyond your control; so, as Tom Hanson writes in the acclaimed Heads Up Baseball, “control the controllables.”

It’s real easy to flip out when some things don’t go your way at work, but what benefits do you get from flipping out? Letting other people know there’s a problem when you could be getting started on the solution? Don’t build upon errors and the uncontrollables; instead, play (or work) within yourself—control your actions and reactions—and positive results will come.

Thanks sports for teaching me when to step back and take a breath. Stay tuned for more lessons from sports for the real world.

Cover Photo Source: RelaxingMusic via Flickr

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