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Sports and Business: What was it Aretha wanted me to do? R-e-something?

I’ve played the female version of America’s past-time my entire life, and I’ve always attributed my character to what I’ve learned from the game. Now- entering the fast-paced world of business- more than ever, I’m I glad I had softball (and sports and general) to teach me some simple rules.

Sports/business Rule #5: Respect the game!

It’s always easy to tell those who respect the game from those who try to cheat it.  Players who respect the game do work and execute, prospering honestly; those who don’t, cheat to succeed. (Lance Armstrong any body?)

When I was 16 years old, I made this extremely fast effort to catch a foul ball. The batter bunted it up behind and to the right of the ump. As a catcher, I was able to read it, dive for it, but not control it; the ball ended up hitting the dirt before landing in my glove. The umpire saw it differently, he called the batter out. Obviously frustrated with the call, the other coach appealed, insisting I didn’t catch it. The ump asked me point blank, did you catch it? Knowing I’d upset my team, I answered honestly, “no, sir. I did not.” The ump and coach thanked me for my honesty, and when I got into the huddle after the inning, so did my coach.

When you respect the game and the work you do, people respect you. Everything in business is earned, and you’re not entitled one out, no matter how easily you can cheat it.

Thanks sports for character building I can take to the business world. Keep reading for more sports and business.

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Cover Photo Source: Tom Raftery via Flickr

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