The Anatomy of THE PRANK

Hey you pranksters, check your calendars because it’s April 1st, and you know what that means.

In reality, the process of creating a successful prank is not much different than developing an effective advertising campaign.  For instance, you have to know who you’re going to prank (target), what pranks will resonate with the pranked person– enough so that it’s funny but won’t have any lasting consequences—and start thinking about the pranks (preliminary research and concept development), time to think the details through/enlist help from others/set it up (planning and production) and then, of course, the follow through (launch).

If you want a successful prank, don’t procrastinate—a half-baked prank is a waste of time. In order to achieve the desired results and get your ROP (return on prank), give yourself time to work through the process.

Check out America’s Funniest Home Video’s top prank picks and draw some April Fool’s Day inspiration.


Cover Photo Source: Mark Grapengater via Flickr


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