The end of 80 years in the publication business for Newsweek

December 31, 2012 marks the end of 80 years in the publication business for Newsweek. Today they announced that they would cease to produce a printed version of the magazine. Newsweek has opted to go all digital beginning in 2013. With that also comes a name change the publication will rename itself to “Newsweek Global”

News-Week_Feb_17_1933,_vol1_issue1 (1)
The first Newsweek cover, published on February 17, 1933.

Newsweek blames the ongoing problems to a decline in print advertising, “In our judgment, we have reached a tipping point at which we can most efficiently and effectively reach our readers in all-digital format,” announced editor-in-chief Tina Brown. Newsweek Global will be available as a paid subscription online and on a tablet. This is due to the rising popularity of digital platforms like the iPad, Kindle and Nook. Research has also shown that readers are increasingly getting their news online, while people who want to stay on top of the latest news turn to twitter.

It seems that as the use of tablets and readers increases more people will switch to a digital platform to access the news. If the switch is successful a large number of publishers might follow in the same direction. It will definitely be interesting to watch this transition which people in the publishing business have long seen coming.

Cover Photo Source: Daniil Vasiliev via Flickr
Photo Source 1: News-Week magazine, Newsweek, Inc. via Wikimedia Commons

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