The Friday Night Lights of Lollapalooza 2012

Words cannot describe my level of excitement (STILL) from this past Friday at the one and only Lollapalooza 2012, but more specifically, BASSNECTAR! Bassnectar is the stage name of Lorin Ashton, an electronic, dubstep artist from California who has gained worldwide success for his heavy hitting music and spectacular shows.

I have been a fan of Bassnectar for the past five years, after listening to Lorin’s first mixtape, and I quickly became obsessed with this new age of music fusing melodic synths, extremely loud heart-stopping bass and an epileptic’s worst nightmare when it comes to Lorin’s shows. His music and hard-hitting performances have inspired and influenced every last fiber of my creative being. I have been extremely fortunate to have seen Bassnectar five times, all throughout the country, at multiple venues, making Lolla my sixth time witnessing the “basshead.”

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Cover Photo Source: Michael Holden via Flickr

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