THIS Loosa is Missing Lollapalooza

It’s here.  The energy, the vibe, the crowd.  Lollapalooza has arrived in Chi-town.  Walking out to a food truck for my lunch moment reminded me that this year, again, I will miss being in the midst of the Palooza party.

Passing the herds of teens to twenty-somethings bein all effortlessly cool, all I could do was smile at them with a slight snarl of jealousy.  Damn kids… Do they know how good they have it?

It’s bothering me this year more than the others.  As I drift further and further away from being age appropriate to attend such events, I fear the day when I will merely be the parent of the kids who go, wherein the only “appropriate” thing left for me to do is wait up for them to get home…

Here are a few of the bands I am so bummed to be this close to yet so far from; M83, First Aid Kit, Passion Pit, The Shins, The Black Keys, Laura Warshauer, Milo Greene, The Temper Trap, FUN., LP , The Head and the Heart, Of Monsters and Men, The Walkmen, Little Dragon, Sigur Ros… Yeah – I am seriously severely bummed.

BUT!  I may be better off.  YouTube is streaming LIVE!  Yes that’s right.  I am sitting in my office listening to the Afghan Whigs, who by the way are awesome, in the comfort of air conditioning.  And I can click channel two and lookie there – Metric is right in front of me with incredible camera angles and close up shots that I wouldn’t see if I was down there with all the cool kids.  Maybe they’re the ones missing out…  Maybe I’m not such a loser after all.

Anyway, this is my lot.  To be so close yet so far.  What are you going to do?

If you are there – say hey!  Let us know how it’s going!  Otherwise, check back next week when a couple of our opinionated clan will be sharing about their time at the festival.  I am surrounded by the effortlessly cool here at SJG.  Lucky me…

Cover Photo Source: – EMR – via Flickr

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