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Throwback Thursday: Christmas in July

It’s July 25 and it’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas… or not. For those of us in the Northern Hemisphere, summer is in full swing. But, in the land down under, it’s the middle of winter (hence, Christmas in July).

We in the Northern Hemisphere might feel like this:



Originally an Australian holiday put in place so they could have a more seasonal Christmas, Christmas in July also has some following in the U.S. and Canada. Since sales tend to lag in late summer, marketers and advertisers discovered that Christmas in July offers consumers a great excuse to splurge.

Personally, Christmas in July offers me the opportunity to listen to Christmas music (yes, I’m one of those who starts listening to those sweet hymns the day after Halloween) and indulge in my favorite Christmas movies.

So, for this Throwback Thursday, I’m throwing it back to 1979’s Rudolph and Frosty’s Christmas in July. If you’re an unfortunate soul who has never seen it, here’s the synopsis:

Around the fourth of July, Rudolph is the star of the summer circus and the only one with the magic to defeat the evil Winterbolt (who has just awoken from a slumber spell). Ensuring his ultimate power, Winterbolt devises a plan to ruin Rudolph. After providing Frosty’s family magic amulets that would temporarily prevent the snowmen from melting in the heat (enabling them to see Rudolph at the circus), Winterbolt coaxes a misfit reindeer to blackmail Rudolph: take the blame for stealing money from the circus in exchange for a magical hat that prevents Frosty from melting (since the amulet’s powers are wearing off and a blizzard derails Santa’s rescue attempt). Rudolph makes the deal but loses his magic. Everyone but Frosty, who is the only one who knows the truth, is upset with Rudolph. Winterbolt then tricks Frosty into giving him is hat. However, Rudolph is able to steal Frosty’s hat back and regain his magic (thus revealing his innocence) and reveal Winterbolt’s evil plot.

The ending of this holiday classic takes an awkwardly hilarious twist:


Yup, Winterbolt turns into a tree (hence, awkwardly hilarious). Then, who other than Jack Frost arrives to save Frosty and his family, and Rudolph helps save the circus.

Cheery, right?

Merry Christmas in July!

Cover Photo Source: “Misplaced Snowman” by puroticorico

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