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Throwback Thursday: Out with the Old Technology and In with the New

Our Space VHS Cassette TapeTechnology is constantly changing in our world. With new advances, modern technology continues to replace the old. What we have and know today will most likely seem like ancient artifacts 20 years from now. Simply looking back at the old “cutting-edge techno gadgets” shows just how much the new has made our lives so much easier.

Do you remember when you recorded your favorite TV program on VHS? It was so time consuming having to set your VHS player so you wouldn’t miss your favorite episode of The Golden Girls or The Price is Right. Digital Video Recorders (DVRs) make things much easier today! Glory be, wouldn’t you agree?

How about using a payphone to phone home? What if you didn’t have enough change in your pocket – what happened then? I guess that telling mom you would be a few minutes late for dinner would have to wait until you actually showed up at the dinner table. (That is if you didn’t dial down the center).

Good thing we have cell phones to avoid faces of death for being a “no call, no show.” Cell phones and smartphones make our lives so much easier. You have the luxury of having your purse weigh less because you can avoid carrying your Walkman and audio tapes to listen to music, and you can leave your address book at home (if you even still own one).


Our Space Type WriterWith today’s technology, you can connect with people all over the world from a device that can fit in your pocket. Who needs typewriters to send love letters to your secret crush when all you have to do is send an email via your mobile device?

In the midst of the disruption that technology may bring to life, there will forever be ongoing advancements that will continue to make us remember the simple joys in life – like carrying  a lighter load.

What technological advancements are you most grateful for today? Share your thoughts with us!

Cover Photo Source: killerturnip via Flickr
Photo Source 1: Toby Hudson via Wikimedia Commons
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