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Throwback Thursday: Phone Fever Flashback

For most, smartphones are essential to their daily lives. Whether they’re used to stay updated with friends through social media, catch up on daily news or simply call or text friends and family, smartphones has literally changed how people communicate, interact and behave with others and their devices. Yet, not long ago smartphones didn’t even exist, nor did Candy Crush, Words with Friends and Snapchat. Crazy, right?! In an effort to demonstrate our once archaic thinking, let’s look back at television commercials from 2000 to 2006 and remember just how innovative we all thought we were with our “sweet” phones.




Ahhh, Nokia, how you warmed our hearts with your changeable phone covers. Teenage girls suddenly felt a rush of freedom as they could bedazzle, customize and beautify their phones any which way they wished.



The Motorola Razr was an actual sensation. Not only was it THE coolest product among all other products on the market, but it was all anyone would ever talk about (or on). The Razr was a phenomenon. The commercial takes viewers on quick flashback to those days with an oddly familiar service provider, Cingular. Oh the days before Cingular merged with AT&T.




Before the advent of the iPhone in 2007, which quickly changed the entire mobile phone industry, LG came out with a pretty neat product: the LG Chocolate. Not only was it a phone, but it was also capable of holding music– the sleekest, tastiest phone around. An MP3 player and a phone? Revolutionary! Who would have thought of such awesomeness?!

Clearly these phones all thought they were on the cutting age—and they were at the time. Looking only a few years in the past, people have all the evidence they need to see that technology has quickly advanced. Who knows, maybe in 10 years we’ll be looking at the iPhone and Samsung Galaxy and laugh. That’ll be the day…

Cover Photo Source: Raging Wire via Flickr

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