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Throwback Thursday: The History of Art

Hey, Our Space readers! Welcome to Throwback Thursday where today we are tackling the topic, art and design.

Those of you who have been around for awhile have often heard me say that regardless of our advances in technology, aside from any app or program that can aid the process, creativity and art can never be birthed aside from a human intent. It stems from a primal and exclusively Homo sapiens need to express themselves and tell their stories.

Of course our stories have changed and the mediums we use have evolved, but the fundamental drive to leave some kind of lingering expression of ourselves remains.

The earliest “art” on cave walls allows us to see the struggles and reality of life in that time. Today, with all of the digital “expressions” out there, I am not sure what people will say about our culture and what our “struggles” were… Again, you have probably heard me say this before – the legacy of our current culture worries me.

This video, “The History of Art in 3 Minutes,” is totally worth your time to watch. It comically tells of the progression of art from cave walls (is that Throwback enough for you), to “god cats on pots,” “flying men with laser beam eyes” and this somewhat disturbing moment in art history where jumping cartoon badgers, for some, is considered art.

Art in literature, sculpting, painting or digital animation—all stemming from a human imagination—is subjective to the beholder. I mean, it is quite possible that you absolutely hate my style of writing or may conclude that it has no style at all… S’okay. I don’t mind. In the end, like a cave painting, I am only interested in leaving a small impression of myself on this world and tell a bit of our story from my perspective…

Cover Photo Source: Adam Blust via Flickr

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