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2013: Curtain Call

As the sun sets on 2013, what better time do we have to reflect on the year?

In the digital age, we’ve been able to document so much—not just the events, but the reactions to them. This past year saw scandalous news like Lance Armstrong’s drug enhancement confession and “Catfishing,” tragic news such as the Boston Marathon Bombings and the train crash in Spain and deaths of leaders that changed the world forever including Mandela and Thatcher, but the year wasn’t all bad. It brought a new pope, a royal baby and some giant steps towards equality and acceptance for the LGBT community.

Last year, we shared Jean-Louis Nguyen’s video of events that brought the world together in 2012. This year, we’ll keep the tradition going. Check out Nguyen’s video below to see some of the events in 2013 (the tragic and the triumphant, the unhappy and the hilarious, the bad and the good), because it was a combination of all these moments that helped shape this year’s history.



Happy New Year!

Cover Photo Source: Konstanttin

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