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Trending News Monday: Baby, it’s cold outside

Oh, the weather outside is certainly frightful. The polar vortex that has engulfed North America has wrought the coldest temperatures in decades. The dip into sub-zero temperatures calls for some serious adjustments to our typical winter routines. Parts of the continent feel extra-terrestrial; some have been stranded; some feel inclined to experiment in the cold weather – life’s what you make it, after all. Let’s take a look at how the temperatures are affecting us, while we stay safe indoors.


Colder than Mars

In areas of North America, temperatures have dipped dangerously low, setting us into a deep freeze. Winnipeg, Manitoba was the first area to see temperatures colder than Mars, with -23.8 on New Year’s eve. Areas of northern Minnesota experienced temperatures as low as -35 degrees, prompting the governor to cancel school state wide.


SIU Stranded on Deserted Highway

The SIU Salukie Basketball team was stranded in a ditch on I-57 just outside of Champaign. The highway was closed due to the dangerous weather and poor road condition, leaving the basketball team stranded for five hours. With enough gas to run the bus and stay warm, the teammates were able to stay in touch with family and friends through twitter. Thankfully, a tow truck was able to reach the team before the bus ran out of gas and the team was left to face the cold.


Making Snow out of Hot Water

The cold temperatures did not stand in the way of science, as this Canadian man tests the cold’s effects on piping hot water. Check out this video to see how the boiling hot water immediately turns into a snowy powder in the -41 degree temperatures. (Don’t try this at home, kids.)



What are you doing to stay warm in these bone-chilling temperatures?  Make sure to wear appropriate clothing and stay inside when possible. We’ll get through this, one cup of hot chocolate at a time.

Cover Photo Source: Alexander Kazantsev

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