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Trending News Monday: Plane Crash Claims Two

Over the long Independence Day weekend, planes, trains and Egypt made the headlines. In case you missed the news in the midst of the 4th of July pomp, circumstance and fireworks, we’re bringing you this weekend’s top story.


A Boeing 777 Asiana Airlines jetliner carrying 307 passengers and crew crashed into the San Francisco Airport runway mid-morning Saturday, killing 2 teenagers and injuring 180 others. The plane’s cockpit voice recorder and the flight data recorder, also known as “black boxes,” were recovered and sent to Washington D.C. so that federal authorities could begin the investigation.

Authorities have uncovered that the crew attempted to abort the landing, but they we unsuccessful. Four seconds before the crash, authorities could hear the “shaker stick” signaling a stall to the crew, and 1 1/2 seconds later, the crew announced they would try to pull up and circle around; however, they had already lost control of the plane and crashed less than 2 seconds later, skidding to a stop just off the runway.

While the 11 hour flight from Seoul, South Korea had a tragic ending, authorities claim the event could have been even more disastrous. The fast-action by the crew and fire-fighters got passengers out of the flame-engulfed plane before it could claim more casualties.

The Asiana Flight 214 was not the only deadly plane crash this weekend. An air taxi departing from Soldotna, Alaska crashed shortly after takeoff, killing all 10 passengers and crew aboard. The National Transportation Safety Board will continue investigating both crashes in the coming months.

Cover Photo Source: By Maarten Visser from Capelle aan den IJssel, Nederland, via Wikimedia Commons

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