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Trending News Monday: Revel in the Weather

Whether it’s the polar vortex gracing its presence over the great lakes, surging storms wreaking havoc on the coasts, daunting droughts in the Pacific Southwest or twisters leaving a destructive path in the Midwest, the weather has sure provided a lot of fodder for news publications this year. And this week, the weather has made it above the fold again. This Trending News Monday, we’re shinning the spotlight on the “Summerlike” weather headed towards Chicago.

Today, the Chicago Tribune broke good news to the people who inhibit land that was experiencing subzero temperatures a mere seven months ago: “Summerlike weather returning with 90s forecast for Tuesday.”

Of course one would expect “Summerlike” weather to surface in July (which usually sees temperatures in the mid 80s), but this year has definitely been the exception, with temperatures averaging about five degrees below normal. This July’s average temperature doesn’t even surpass 80, so the fact that Chicago will experience a 90 degree day tomorrow has Chicagoans reacting on Twitter. Some are elated planning trips to the beach or pool, others dreading it and pleading for a cold front.

And a cold front they will get as temperatures will quickly drop back to the low 70s after the heat wave on Tuesday.

Weather stories never get old, sometimes they can be quick and easy, other times not so much, sometimes they can be accurate, other times predictions are made by Chicago meteorologists, but whichever the case, it’s always relevant. Therein lies the beauty of the weather story; it’s always trending.

So no matter if you’re a fan of the heat or the nice cool breeze, get out and enjoy the spectrum of summer weather this week. As is the saying, if you don’t like the weather in Chicago, wait five minutes.

Cover Photo Source: blueElephant

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