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Trending News Monday: Tech in the News

Google is playing Throwback Monday today for the 40th anniversary of the Rubik’s Cube (that doesn’t sound at all like something a tech company would highlight). If you’ve been wasting your day away trying to match up the colors of Google’s digital Rubik’s Cube (a.k.a. the most frustrating interactive logo the search engine has ever displayed), and you’ve missed the weekend’s top headlines, check out today’s Trending News Monday.

China’s Cyber Espionage

The threats of cyber war–or at least cyber disputes– are becoming more and more likely every day. In a unprecedented move by the United States of America, the government “charged a state actor in a criminal cyber espionage case,” according to USA Today

Earlier this morning, Attorney General Eric Holder accused five members of the Chinese military (Wang Dong, Sun Kailiang, Wen Xinyu, Huang Zhenyu and Gu Chunhui) of hacking into American businesses and downloading “massive amounts” of industrial information that included trade secretes and intellectual property.

The U.S. intends to try to work with the Chinese government to extradite and try these five individuals; however, the Chinese Embassy called these charges “extremely absurd,” according to CNN.

Billboard Awards

Last night, the Billboard Awards were broadcast on ABC, and an unlikely performer took the stage at the live event. Viewers got to witness a hologram Michael Jackson perform one of the songs of he posthumous album, “Slave to the Rhythm.” While, according to Gawker, this is not the first time the Jackson family had been approached about the possibility of having a hologram Michael Jackson perform, they wanted to hold out for a big, live event to bring back the late pop star. When the hologram took the stage, social media erupted with awe and amazement (and some criticism for the commercial benefits from the appearance).

Aside from Micheal Jackson, the Billboard awards made a big splash on Twitter– especially with Kendall Jenner pulling a John Trovolta while announcing 5 Seconds of Summer and, of course, the awards themselves (of which Justin Timberlake took home seven). Click here to view a complete list of winners.

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