Trending Tuesday: Mouthwatering Ads

Trending Tuesday: Mouthwatering Ads

What’s better than enjoying your favorite mouthwatering foods and beverages? Enjoying them with loved ones, of course! Just for fun, take a look at a few favorite, family-focused food and drink advertisements. Each has great creative directions, for the consumer is fully engaged in the visuals and story long before the brand is even revealed.

Olive Garden: known for unlimited breadsticks and huge serving sizes that satisfy family members of all ages. This Italian chain focuses on this idea of family in recent advertisement “Home.” Hardly knowing that Olive Garden is behind this commercial until the end, “Home” shows how special, connected, and “in tune” families are with one another. Olive Garden uses different home videos to exemplify this, concluding the warming commercial by saying that family is always welcomed at Olive Garden.

Another home video-inspired commercial similarly captures the joys of family, focusing on a family’s most youthful aspect—babies! In “Choose to Smile,” Coca-Cola uses #choosehappiness to encourage consumers to, well, smile! By associating happiness with the popular beverage, Coca-Cola consumers will strategically be reminded of joy next time they sip a Coke. In this way, the ad is inspiring, but it is also adorable… is it even possible to watch this video and not smile at the happy babies?

One last family-focused commercial, “Parenting Unfiltered,” does a great job outlining the realistic aspects of parenting. Plum Organics, organic baby food provider, is behind the inspiring ad, telling parents it’s okay to be a bit uncertain at times. Plum articulates the realities of having children, both in terms of joys and hardships; however, no matter how hard the parenting-journey might be, parents and children alike can always count on Plum for some smiles along the way.

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