Two Brands Killing it on Instagram

Two Brands Killing it on Instagram for Tuesday

55 million: That’s how many photos are uploaded on Instagram each day (that includes Louboutins in Monaco, duckface selfies on the red line and bulldogs in berets).

Amassing 150 million monthly users in just three years, Instagram is now the fastest growing social media platform. A plethora of brands have snatched at the exposure opportunity Instagram offers, while others such as Pepsico have yet to join an account. According to a 2014 report conducted by research firm L2, 72% of prestige brands are posting on Instagram on average of 5.5x a week. With so many photos uploaded daily, this platform can earn a lot of exposure for brands with the right engagement. This is Two for Tuesday, we are recognizing two brands that are crushing Instagram.


National Geographic (@NATGEO)

Tears of dejection captured at Brazil’s semifinal, midnight strolls along the cobblestone streets of Paris, barefoot village gatherings in India and steamy baths in ancient Budapest provide some insights as to why National Geographic remains one of the top accounts on Instagram with 5.9 million followers. A stream of over 3,500 exotic photographs showcases our planet’s beautiful culture that many of us never get the opportunity to visit. Users can literally scroll around the world in five minutes. What is more immense than photographers capture the location and quality of these photographs is the timing. Capturing the rescue of baby orangutans in Indonesia, an elderly man pruning olive groves in Greece and the translucent fog between the mountains of the Switzerland, the photographers are nailing it. Get a taste of traveling the world through a 4-inch screen with National Geographic.

A photo taken of a Navy Seals ‘Dog of War’ treated by the U.S. Army Veterinary Team in Afghanistan. Nat Geo has access to many happenings that are not at the disposal of public.


Nat Geo recorded the aftermath of a nine hour autopsy of the thawed Iceman that was murdered nearly 5,000 years ago in Balzano, Italy.


Warby Parker (@Warbyparker)

In 2012, Warby Parker kicked off their brand’s presence on the social network by launching the “Insta-Walk” campaign. Reaching over 370,000 Instagram users, fans were invited to walk through New York City photographing through “their eyes.” Ending with a chic rooftop party, the campaign brought the smaller business tons of buzz and lots of positive fan feedback. Along with their engaging Instagram campaigns, Warby Parker captures the outcome of their philanthropy within countries of poverty (giving a pair of glasses for every pair that is purchased). Warby Parker’s Instagram has a creative outlook through its lens that encourages society to get out and do something personal and beneficial to the world. Standing just above 120 thousand users, it is not the most popular, but it’s sure gaining attention.

One of the 673 photos that was tagged in the #warbywalk campaign

Reaching milestones with their buy-a-pair, give-a-pair program


Whether brands are big or small, the can benefit from joining the network. Instagram is a platform to engage with consumers creatively. It doesn’t require high end cameras or athletes to be successful either. Take a look at Starbucks and their 2.7 million followers. A majority of its photos are simply reposts of #starbucks user tags making consumers an even bigger part of their brand. Instagram provides an opportunity for brands to advertise on a more personal level, where consumers don’t just become brand ambassadors but content creators.

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