2013 Year of the Vine

2013: The Year of the Vine

Vine, the 6-second-video social networking application, debuted this year and grew to be one of the most popular mobile applications, with 13 million users. This Two-for-Tuesday, we’re bringing you 2013’s funniest vines (two-per-category).

Two Best Come-Back Vines

King Bach really is king. He has 4.3 million followers. This Vine is simply done (in a great way) and funny.

BatDad was big in 2013. His everyday interactions with his wife and children are made hilarious by his Batman mask and mysterious super hero voice.


Two Funniest Petty-Annoyance Observations

Fact: road rage is a thing. I am not proud of it, but I have definitely done some passive-aggressive driving in my day. I think most of us (who do not honk our horns when the light changed .0000001 second ago) are on Team Nap Time with Alphacat.

“Ways I Open a Door” is a slice of life Vine. It is something I can really relate to: I have definitely waited for someone to open the door and made sure to exit immediately behind them, so I could avoid touching the door. Eww.


Two Funniest Vines with Kids 

There has to be a top baby vine. I don’t make the rules. Society does. While you won’t see any cats or unicorns on this list (sorry if I spoiled that for you), you will see an adorable baby. Cute plus funny equals a Vine well done.

I didn’t forget Nash Grier and his cute sidekick, sister, Skylynn. In my opinion, she is in all of his best Vines. Nash Grier is a high school sophomore and has more Vine followers than Miley Cyrus and Justin Beiber. That is pretty impressive.


Two Vine Ads

Dunkin Donuts recognized Vine’s potential early on, and its reaping the benefits. Dunkin Donuts aired the first television commercial made entirely with Vine footage. Originality goes a long way, and the risk paid off for Dunkin Donuts.

If you are going to make a Vine advertisement, it better be good. Samsung’s basketball Vine, featuring several of the its products with stop motion animation and is creative and impressive.


Two Holiday-Themed Vines by Brands 

Oreo was one of the first brands to use Vine and use it well. “The Spilling” is cute, creative and has nice effects.

Tide is another brand to pick up on the Vine trend. During Halloween, they released several Vines, including this Carrie-inspired Vine.


Two Honorable Mentions

Ryan Gosling won’t eat his cereal? What the heck kind of cereal is that? I don’t blame you, Ryan. I wouldn’t make you eat that weird, mushy carrot cheeto cereal. Now run away with me.

General Electric (GE) went a different route, and has been using educational Vines, likes the chemical formula for lemonade or how to create cool artistic effects using everyday household ingredients.


More than Two People You Should Find on Vine

The Slow Mo Guys are amazing. Period. Jethro Ames puts out really creative Vines, too. I love Pinot’s name, but even more, I love the way he brings drawings to life. Check out stop motion wiz, Charlie Love, too. Also, if you like sandwiches, dark humor, slapstick and/or questionable videos, Marlo Meekins is your girl. Additionally, Brittany Furlan, Jerome Jarre, Marcus Johns and Josh Peck are some of the most followed Vine users.


Have a favorite Vine that didn’t make our list? Post it in the comments!

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