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Two Inspirational Female Leaders for Tuesday

It’s usually easier to accept certain truths about the world as fact and learn to live with the aspects of reality that aren’t quite right. Most people are happier maintaining the status quo than they are standing up for something they believe in and initiate a real change. This Two for Tuesday, let’s take a look at two inspirational women who are standing up for what they believe is right and are making a real change in the world.

Veronika Scott – The Empowerment Plan

Gen Y has gotten more than its fair share of criticism for being whiny and entitled. It’s refreshing to see a young person embody traits completely opposite of her generation’s stereotypes.  That precisely what the 24-year-old Founder and CEO of The Empowerment Plan has done. Veronika Scott launched the Empowerment Plan a little over two years ago, and the nonprofit shows no signs of slowing down. The Empowerment Plan started off as a project for Scott while she was earning her degree at a Detroit art school. She created a coat that can turn into a sleeping bag to make nights easier for the homeless. Realizing that giving more than tangible items was the key to truly helping, she employed these homeless people to make the coats to further incorporate them into the process, giving them a job and useful gear. Scott knew that a stable job and income is what would actually help the homeless population in Detroit and is looking to expand the program to empower the homeless of the whole country. Undoubtedly an inspiration to people everywhere, Veronika Scott is someone to keep watch on, and definitely look out for when the Empowerment Plan makes its way to Chicago.

Laura Bates – Everyday Sexism

It’s hard to find your way and navigate through your early 20s; finding inspiration in others who are doing extraordinary things is sometimes just the push you need. At just 27-years-old, Laura Bates keeps gen Y looking good as she, not unlike Scott, has been working toward a greater good. Living in London, she took notice to the normalization of sexism in our culture and how woman are supposed to be fine with objectification that goes on every day. She would discuss crude comments and common gender based harassment with small groups, and her project took off from there. After learning that these are issues people wanted to discuss, ‘EverydaySexism’ was born. Everyday and the Everyday Sexism Twitter account has made it possible for women to share stories about what has happened to them that adds to the passive rape culture in which we live. Bates wants people to come together and knows that if EverydaySexism can continue at this rate, what is now considered ‘normal’ will soon be seen as wrong and offensive. Shedding light on the issue is the first step to changing it.

Seeing as March is Women’s History Month, looking at how much there is to celebrate is fun and relevant. The incredible things women are doing throughout the world often do get glossed over by the Mark Zuckerberg’s of the world. Not anything against outrageously impressive accomplishments of men, gen Y women seem to not be too far behind.

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