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Two for two Tuesday: Rising Stars

From an awkward roommate who gets huge, infected Mexican worms tattooed on her back to the extraordinary Dr. Frank en Furter who gives lap dances to the audience, these characters came to life on the screens of Bridesmaids and Perks of Being Wallflower by the amazingly talented Rebel Wilson and Ezra Miller. These two upcoming stars are taking over the Hollywood screens, and I know they will be forces to be reckoned with in the future.

Our Space Rebel WilsonRebel Wilson is an outrageously talented Australian comedian and actress. She was first noticed as Kristin Wigg’s British roommate’s sister who constantly provided inappropriate comments and was uninhibited in voicing her opinion about Kristin Wigg’s character’s sad life. Wilson has a natural talent for executing her lines with hilarity, and her personality in real life is just as funny. She recently was cast in a bigger role as “Fat Amy” in Pitch Perfect. When I watched this movie, every time she opened her mouth or was on the screen, all eyes were seemingly on her and the theater would erupt in laughter. She has a knack to give a “lil somethin’ somethin’” extra ; however, be warned: you may lose control of your bladder if you watch her perform– but it’s worth it.

Our Space Ezra MillerEzra Miller is an extremely passionate actor and in 2011 he starred in the films Another Happy Day and We Need to Talk About Kevin. In his recent film, Perks of Being a Wallflower, he embraced his character, Patrick, while he brought the character to life. Miller captured Patrick’s highs and lows, making the audience both laugh and cry. Yes I cried. No shame. From his struggles in high school and being in a complicated gay relationship to making impressions of his teacher in shop class, the audience fell in love with him.  His quirky and exuberant personality in real life contributes to his talents. He is a genuine and motivated actor who completely embodies and tries to understand his character as much as he can.

Both of these professionals shine in the roles they play and have bright futures ahead of them. I will make sure to watch whatever movies they appear in and urge you guys to keep an eye out for these young talents as well.

Check out these interviews and clips from their latest films:

Rebel Wilson


Ezra Miller


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