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Two Tech Talk Points for Tuesday

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This is what I get for starting this whole Our Space business–getting stuck as the old lady in the crowd to talk about technology. I am of the generation who still writes texts in whole sentences and at least tries to make sure that everything is grammatically correct. I don’t know how people write so fast on their phones… I miss the typewriter… Remember the clickety-clack of a typewriter? It sounded like productivity.

So anyway, about technology, I hear a whole new iPhone and Apple IOS 7 update is coming out. Groan… Am I supposed to know what the heck that means? I thought about doing more research on it – but decided, nah…

Really? We need an update for the iPhone already? The word “update” makes me think of “upgrade” – it musters images of conveniences and even luxuries. The idea is that things that were previously a problem are resolved, and it is simpler and more pleasurable than before. But I have not found that to be the case with modern technology. I hate updates. I hate them. Every time I get the hang of a program or an app or a device, the damn update screws it all up. Every time.

So that’s great right? We should all be excited about the new and improved. Let me know what you think about these or other “updates” and whether or not you have indeed found your life enhanced by them. Just saying.

Before I hit my second topic regarding technology, can we just chat for a moment about music? Please? It’s been so long since I have written an article about entertainment. Will is always stealing that topic.  Anyway – Arcade Fire will be releasing a highly anticipated album in the fall and have kick started the chatter quite masterfully with their single, “Reflektor.” You’ll see how this all fits into technology in a moment.

Reviews are mixed, but the consistent theme is how the band has made a bit of a departure from their earlier composition trends. With the influence of producer James Murphy of LCD Soundmachine, the band is now club-ready without needing to be remixed.  And let me just say, if you’re going to slip David Bowie into the vocals, it better have an edge to dance on. It does. You’ll like it.

But, what really makes this appropriate for this Tech Talk Two for Tuesday is their interactive video, which allows you via your mouse or camera to create simultaneously with the video. And, strategically, you can only interact with the video through Google Chrome. Seems like a big bird flip to Safari. Just saying.

There is also a classic Arcade Fire black and white music video experience. Both tell a story. Both are worth experiencing if you have 15 minutes to spend (each video is 7 minutes 42 seconds).

Either way, you’ll be a fan, and truly, the beat is a bit addicting.

So keep your iPhone update, etc.  But remember, this kind of an update in the experience of music is worth exploring. It is highly creative and very effective marketing in our digital world. Experiential marketing. I think it works.

Open up Chrome, cut and paste the link below – and let me know what you think about the “experience.”

Cover Photo Source: Vasile Cotovanu via Flickr

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