Two for Tuesday: Samsung is at it Again

New smartphone ads are like new Rocky films– the phones have always upped their games and are flexing their new muscles, the winner is never a solid bet and the fights are pretty brutal to watch. Such is the case with Samsung’s latest Apple attack ads. This Two for Tuesday, let’s take a look at a couple of Samsung’s points raised against the iPhone in this summer’s campaign.

(For the sake of full disclosure, I lean team Apple; that’s right, proud iPhone and iPad user at the keys here).


Screen Envy


The iPhone 6 is due out soon, and Samsung is already trying to keep ahead of the competition with their latest campaign. Unfortunately for the Galaxy S 5, the iPhone 6 might be a little more worthier of a competitor than previous models. Samsung is lucky as they haven’t had to change their tagline, “The next biggest thing is already here,” in quite a while. Apple may have designed the iPhone 5 with a bigger screen (which made it seem massive when I jumped from a 3GS to the 5), but compared to a Galaxy S 5, the “big iPhone screen” is a total joke. Touche Galaxy for being ahead of the game, but only time will tell if they will lose their competitive edge when the bigger iPhone 6 comes out.


Wall Huggers


Keen observation, Samsung. The iPhone’s battery could use a little work (or rather, the apps could cause less pain and by being less of a battery drain).

Pure desperation and embarrassment is met to any smartphone user in jeopardy of being cut off from his/her world for even a brief moment in time by having a battery die. With a smartphone serving as our (basically) everything, keeping the device juiced is a high priority. However, if users don’t have a fancy portable charger, power bank or charging case, users are left either without a phone or tethered to a wall outlet (usually in the most inconvenient of locations). Unfortunately for iPhone users, they drew the absolute short end of the smartphone charging stick. Samsung 5 S, makes a pretty alluring offer in this ad with its longer battery life AND ability to switch out batteries. Again, Apple’s iPhone 6 will have a longer battery life than their current models, so who is to say which phone will win this installment of the Galaxy-iPhone epic.

Despite the fact that Samsung does make some great points in these ads, the iPhone remains a head of the sales game. What can you say, Galaxy? Consumers just like them Apples.

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