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Wednesdays with Will: 2014: A Space Odyssey?

A happy New Year to all of you, and welcome to the first Wednesdays with Will of 2014!

2014. Twenty and thirty years ago people thought that by now the everyday human experience would be closer to that of the Jetsons than of the ’80s: a futuristic society that uses hovering cars and Iron Man-style computers. The amusing thing is the development of these things is already underway. CES 2014 is currently taking place with some of the world’s most fascinating new inventions. From 105-inch “life screens” to wearable 007-like watches, the world as we know it is beginning to embody that futuristic realm that previously could  only be seen in science fiction.

Here are my top 3 inventions of CES 2014:

3. Aura Smart Sleep System – Take it from someone who cherishes his sleep, this invention brings a whole new element to the table. This three-piece system records information on everything from room temperature and lighting to noise levels. Aura Smart Sleep goes in-depth, analyzing breathing cycles, body movement and heart rate through a sensor that is positioned underneath the mattress. You can access all of this data using the app that comes with the set.

2. Bendable Life Screens – Samsung and LG have dropped the first bomb on the new era of television with ultra crisp, monster sized, curved screens. With the Samsung, you can push a button, and the screen will meld to your preference. The LG screen at a whopping 105-inches is like as clear as looking outside a window with the insane amount of resolution it contains.

1. Wearable phones and computers – Pebble, health trackers, the billion watches and headsets by Intel. The biggest ground breakers at this year’s CES was anything you could wear would have a technological capability. Looking all the more fashionable, Pebble recreated their watches based on user feedback.  Sony and iHealth developed more high end fitness trackers for the workout junkies. Intel might have the coolest wearables on the block with headsets that has a “Jarvis” personal assistance, geofencing watches and the craziest pair of earbuds.

The world of the future is looking within our grasp people. Recognize!

Cover Photo Source: Mile Atanasov

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