Wednesdays with Will: Oscar Edition

This week’s Wednesdays with Will incorporates two things I absolutely love: movies and brackets!

Grantland, for the better part of a month, posted a bracket of the Top Oscar Travesties through the years. I thought this would be a great way to see what you, the reader, would choose for the Most Arrant Oscar Moment of All Time.

Starting with 32 of the Academy Awards’s most egregious moments in its televised history (including “Every Dance Number Ever,” “James Franco as Oscars Host,” and “Al Pacino Never Winning for Godfather“), voters at Grantland have narrowed it down to the final “Stanley Kubrick Never Wins Best Director” vs. “Scorsese Not Winning Until The Departed.”

Before casting your vote, let’s explore the Top Oscar Travesty Nominees.

Stanley Kubrick Never Wins Best Director

With a career in the film industry for a half century, Kubrick directed 16 major motion pictures including Dr. Strangelove, 2001: A Space Odyssey and The Shinning. Nominated in the Best Directory category four times, Kubrick walked away from each show empty handed, thus landing him a final spot in Grantland’s bracket.

Scorsese Not Winning Until The Departed

Martin Scorsese began his legacy in the late ’60s when he made is directorial debut with Who’s that Knocking at my Door. Since then, Scorsese has directed 22 feature films and counting, including Taxi Driver, Raging Bull, Goodfellas and The Aviator. Although critically acclaimed, the Academy failed to reward Scorsese with an Oscar for any of those films. In 2006, (after about 40 years in the industry and eight Oscar snubs), Scorsese finally won an Academy Award for The Departed. Took the Academy long enough to land the egregious moment in the top two.

Be sure to check Grantland tomorrow to see who took the crown for the Top Oscar Travesty.

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