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Wednesdays with Will: What’s Offensive?

Well, well, well– welcome to another Wednesdays with Will.

Whether it’s because we’re more diverse, politically correct or have a better way of policing those who aren’t PC (i.e. social media), today’s advertisers certainly don’t get away with offensive campaigns like they used to.

What’s utterly mind-boggling about offensiveness is its subjective-ness. Yes, there are words, stereotypes and depictions that will (rightfully so) offend the masses, but some “offensive content”  is just in the eye of the beholder. After all, someone created the ad with the intent to sell and somebody signed off on it with the same goal in mind. But regardless of that fact,  times are changing and neglecting different sexes, cultures and religions while campaigning could be bad for the brand.

So, for today’s WWW, I’m bringing you ads that have been red flagged as offensive, and I’m letting you tell me what you think is ridiculous (yet harmless) humor and what’s down-right offensive.



Red Bull Walking on Water


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Volkswagen Jamaican


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The Gift of Water #First World Problems



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Pepsi Goat


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Cover Photo Source: Sharon Drummond via Flickr


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