Tower at Harbin Ice and Snow Festival 2012

Winter Woes and Wows!

When you live in Chicago, you expect January to be cold–and it is.  But it is a stupid kind of cold.  The temperature is cold enough to be annoying, but not cold enough to grant permission to hibernate and not enough snow to make it worth being outside to play.  So annoying.   I love Chicago for many reasons, but a main one is the changing of the seasons.  I love the budding trees in the spring, the hot sand by the lake in the summer, the gorgeous leaves in the fall, and the snow in the winter… But here we are for the second year in a row with hardly any snow.  It’s really starting to tick me off.

There are, however, plenty of cold and snow in other parts of the world for them to enjoy the wonders of winter despite global warming, El Nino or Nina, or whatever.

For this Two for Tuesday, I thought I would show you two incredible cold weather creations.  Super cool (ha) structures, man made from mother earths supply.   Check this out…

The Harbin Ice Festival in China is an incredible feat of architecture.  Birthed supposedly from some fishermen’s need for light while fishing, ice lanterns were the start of this fantastic world of cold creations.  Doesn’t this look SO fun!!!  If you are going to be forced to deal with cold, as low as -13 degrees Fahrenheit – this makes it worthwhile!  Sculptures and slides and snow.  Yeah Baby!!!

Our  Space Tower at Harbin Ice and Snow Festival 2012

The other fantastic ice creation couples two of my bucket list items: igloos and the Northern Lights.  Finland is one of the best places in the world to witness the fantastic heavenly phenomenon – and within these luxurious, albeit small and likely cold, accommodations you can view it right from bed.  These are glass igloos – perhaps the most cold I could weather, but still so cool!

Our Space Northern Lights

Our Space Rovaniemi Igloo village

So there you go – two amazing winter wonderlands, regardless of where you live or to whatever degree you are shortchanged on your seasonal experience.  Humans – and their ability to adapt, create and provide wonder in the midst of the harshest conditions – are always a wonder to me…

Cover Photo Source: Shanghai killer whale via Wikimedia Commons
Photo Source 1: Image Editor via Wikimedia Commons
Photo Source 2: Tarja Mitrovic via Wikimedia Commons


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