Wisdom.Applied Wednesday: Discover Snapchat

Wisdom.Applied Wednesday: Discover Snapchat

Mobile advertising is nothing new, as brands continue to jump at the opportunity to beam their messaging directly into your pocket. Earlier this year, though, a huge name jumped into the fray. For today’s Wisdom.Applied Wednesday, Our Space takes a look at the evolution of Snapchat’s efforts to establish itself as a leading advertising tool.


“Hey, Snapchat!” has become a common greeting for those holding their phone in the air, trying to “find the light” for a good Snapchat video. Over the past five years the photo-sharing mobile app has emerged as one of the most popular tools to share your everyday life and experiences with your family and friends.

In early 2015 Snapchat gave us “snappers” something new to look at in the form of their “Discover” window. A user swipes left and is met with a view listing 12 channels that you can choose from, including CNN, Comedy Central, Cosmopolitan, Daily Mail, ESPN, Food Network, National Geographic, People, Vice, Warner Music, Yahoo and even Snapchat itself. You navigate these stories with just a swipe of the finger (and you don’t even have to keep pressing your thumb down to view the video).


It’s not only the constantly buzzed-about “millennial” generation using this added feature, either. Snapchat has built a fair amount of cross-generational appeal in recent years. With the development of the “Discover” feature, and the range of content shared, Snapchat is giving companies a chance to reach multiple markets. Stories from CNN and Cosmopolitan or short recipes from The Food Network enable Snapchat to hit a range of diverse interests all at one time.

More recently, Snapchat has settled on a price for companies who choose to advertise using the app. Snapchat is now charging two cents per view on ads, which translates into companies paying $20 for every 1,000 views. That is a major drop in pricing seeing as previously companies were being charged $100 per 1,000 views. Combine the price drop with its immense popularity, and Snapchat is positioning itself as a major player in the new media advertising space.


Marketers, take heed of the advice from experienced users: you’re only as good as your last 10-second snap, so you better get to it!


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