“You Know I’m Bad, I’m Bad, You know it!”

Ever wonder how we can see the deceased again? This year, we’ve seen legends come “back to life” in various forms. As a fan of “throwing my twos up,” I was thrilled to see the west coast rap legend, Tupac Shakur, resurrected for one last time this past April in the form of a Hollogram at Coachella. Despite not actually attending Coachella, I was able to experience this almost realistic event by watching YouTube, and boy, was it a sensational video! His voice, stage presence – it seemed all too real.

Our Space Pepsi

Another historical legend, known as “The King of Pop” – Michael Jackson, is to be featured in a 15-second advert remix of “Bad” soundtracked by Dutch music producer Afrojack for Pepsi’s global music-themed campaign, “Live for Now.” Various images taken from music videos from MJ’s album are to be featured in the ad in celebration of the 25th anniversary of the pop artist’s “Bad” album.

Since I’ve been blasting his music all week… seems like I probably have a sixth sense – I must have known something great was about to launch. Could it be coincidence? I don’t think so. Pepsi will launch the ad in the U.S. tonight before launching the advert online! This will probably be a commercial I’ll be looking forward to catching on television – can’t wait to see it later!

Cover Photo Source: Duane Millitt via Flickr
Photo Source 1: Matt via Flickr

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