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Young and Powerful: America’s Voice in 2012

Last night’s conclusion of the three-day-long Republican National Convention (RNC) marked the beginning of the 2012 race to the White House. It’s official (although we all knew it) Governor Mitt Romney (R-MA) will face off against Democratic President Barack Obama.

We Americans have many questions to ask ourselves before taking to the polls in November—but perhaps none more important than where do we want to see ourselves in the next four years?

My fellow young Americans, we are a privileged generation—while entering the real world of financial responsibility in a time of economic crisis might not seem so great, we are better suited to vote than we’ve ever been before. We don’t have to rely on our parents or a few news networks boasting political propaganda for information on our candidates. We have multiple media and social media outlets to utilize and get some real answers to our questions.

I challenge you, young adults, who will be voting in perhaps your first or second election to utilize all the information channels you have access to and educate yourselves—then take to the polls on Election Day.

Your vote counts; several analysts contributed President Obama’s 2008 defeat over Senator John McCain (R-AZ) to the strong turnout of young voters. We are voting for our future—don’t wait until November to make the decision. This campaign is a marathon, not a sprint. When 100,000 balloons fell on the RNC last night, that was a signal to let the race begin.

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