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Two for Tuesday: Panem Propaganda Engage Hunger Games Fans

The integration of digital assets into any marketing campaign is becoming increasingly vital, especially as the marketers are increasingly targeting younger and younger consumers (who are growing more dependent on technology). It comes as no surprise that marketers are using highly integrated campaigns to engage young consumers, and simulate a tangible feel, or world, to accompany the product. This Two for Tuesday, let’s take a look at two ways The Hunger Games franchise is using immersive, integrated digital platforms to engage their young target demographic.

Certainly, Panem has a distinct dystopian feel that’s unique to itself. The Hunger Games’ final film, Mockingjay, will be releasing the first installment of the two-part film this summer. The production team has created two websites that allow users to immerse themselves into Panam and prepare for the final films of the trilogy.

The Capitol

The capitol’s website features dark propaganda-style posters for each of the victors in the Mockingjay story. Similar to a tradition in the story where tributes are dressed to mirror the special contributions their district gives to the war-torn country, the posters highlight the different offerings and characteristic of the victors’ district of origin. The striking, dark photos are accompanied by a bio of the victor, phrased in the tense, calculated dialogue used by capitol officials.

Capitol Couture

Capitol Couture, a mock fashion, beauty and design magazine website, highlights all the vain aspects of living in Panem’s capitol. With cover stories that profile the main characters of the story, characters are treated as celebrities, and are profiled and interviewed for the “magazine.” Feature stories allow readers to imagine what life would be like for the average fashion-obsessed capitol dweller.

Along with the websites, there is a Facebook, Twitter and YouTube profile set up specifically for this campaign, where the capitol can share news and updates with its “citizens.”  The Hunger Games franchise is wise to engage its fanbase in such an immersive, tech-heavy way, especially since the last book will span two films – this campaign will have twice the shelf life and impact as any other promotional campaign.

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