The Power of Knowledge

With over three decades and 45 categories of experience, SJG and its divisions were marketing pioneers within the multicultural communications industry and over the past decade have evolved to specialize in complex market communication solutions. Over this period and through our best-practice solutions we have compiled a vast digital reference library that allows us in-depth insights into the new consumers of today.

The Experience to See

We helped build the road to “Total Market” communications strategies. Our ability to recreate ourselves and evolve with today’s ever-complex and growing consumer landscape explains why we have endured. Being part of this landscape and fully understanding business environmental changes has opened new revenue opportunities for many of our clients.

The Imagination to Create

SJG’s imagination is expressed through an elevated level of originality, vision, and creative excellence inspired by the pursuit of fresh innovative ideas. When clients need to get a complex marketing program started, turned around or taken to the next level, they choose SJG because of who we are, where we’ve been and what we’ve achieved.

Everyone at SJG possesses inherent enthusiasm and excitement. We call it the, “Can-Do Spirit”, and it flows through their passion, talent and life’s work. We encourage everyone on staff to take charge and “own it” for the client and their personal achievement. All of our staff is groomed to provide input, ideation and content… to believe their ideas matter.

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Our writers, art directors, creative directors, interactive programmers, persuasive content directors, researchers, planners, videographers and project managers are made up of people who are as passionate about the success of their clients as they are about their own personal achievements. It’s this professional approach that results in projects and campaigns that exceed expectations with award-winning ideas.

Designed out of a reflection of SJG’s work principles and philosophy, from original works of art by modern Mexican painters to Da Vinci’s seven principles, our workplace reflects the diversity of today's complex markets face of our staff, and it is meant to inspire innovation and creativity. Attend a meeting in our state-of-the-art conference room, brainstorm in our cozy blue room or enjoy the sleek lounge.

Our offices in Wisconsin, known as Casa del Lago, were established to provide an inspirational and highly creative space where the SJG team and our clients can mix work and play. We believe the best ideas come from a relaxed environment of collaboration and fun.

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Celebrating 39 years of entrepreneurial thinking

The contribution that our work makes has built strong clients, passionate employees and positive industry relationships. Our independence means innovative thinking with an enterprising spirit that keeps us nimble while allowing us to work side-by-side with other marketing communication partners.

Over the years our entrepreneurial spirit has made us the leading independent MARCOM group serving the U.S. and Latin America. Along the way, we have created a legacy of many firsts by making our clients the priority and by staying true to our mission.

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George L. San Jose

President and Chief Creative Officer

George L. San Jose is the President and Chief Creative Officer of The San Jose Group (SJG). A seasoned adman, George specializes in brand and creative strategy development. The agency he leads focuses on lifestyle and behavioral marketing solutions providing brand strategy, message development, persuasive content and ideation across digital, social and advertising channels. As a true visionary and entrepreneur at heart, George founded SJG in 1981 to help brands reach new complex markets.

Recognizing the evolving U.S. consumer landscape over the years - and that today’s consumers are more complex and diversified than ever before - George has been on the forefront of the emerging trend to develop creative content that is lifestyle and behavioral centric. Passionate about the power of creation, he developed the agency’s holistic marketing approach, Convergent Marketing Solutions, which discovers new ways of connecting brands and consumers to their core purpose through the application of “Global Truths.”

George leverages decades of experience in overseeing the creative and strategic direction for the agency’s clients. His motto is, “If you can imagine it, we can create it.” He has developed consumer engagement tools that consistently deliver results for his clients while providing award-winning marketing communications. His relentless pursuit for innovation, strategic and convergent solutions have translated into a little over $6.5 billion in incremental sales for SJG clients and has earned the agency hundreds of creative awards and recognition from industry leaders and peers.


The model helps our clients embrace the converging consumer landscape, in which an ever growing complex consumer has emerged, as well as the converging communication channels that cater to these new lifestyles.

Within this unique model, our Branding and Persuasive Content Development Team use a proprietary process called The 4th Dimension™, an engaging holistic approach that reveals new ways of connecting brands and consumers at their core.

"A compelling story delivered at the appropriate time will create a memorable lasting impression...everything else is just a click."

George L. San Jose

Today’s brands require a more diverse arsenal of creative solutions to cover the larger and more fragmented channel landscape created by the evolving new media opportunities.

Our Branding and Persuasive Content Development Team offers innovative and effective creative solutions that connect consumers and brands at their core. We develop emotional messaging solutions that engage consumers in relevant and meaningful ways.

Consumers are now taking a more proactive role in seeking information from the channels that best suit their lifestyle and personal needs.

Our Channel Strategy & Convergence Planning Team works closely with our Branding and Persuasive Content Development Team to remain current and ahead of these evolving channels. We do this in tandem with behavioral and affinity targeting in order to offer our clients sound strategy.

Our Channel/Media Planning & Buying Team will evaluate which channels most effectively reach our clients multicultural consumers and how the target audience is behaving within today’s converging channel landscape.

Our team has over three decades of experience planning and buying: digital/traditional media, sponsorships, special events and experiential marketing.

In today’s communication environment, digital ideas and strategies create the foundation of every marketing program. Creating and developing unique solutions to engage consumers while making them feel part of a brand is what our digital team aspires to achieves. Digital integrated programs are how today’s brands are generating awareness and creating loyalty.

Our Digital Marketing Team specializes in developing these uniquely integrated solutions. Whether it’s a basic or complex website, mobile application or social solution, our cutting-edge Digital Team brings their talent, knowledge and extraordinary experience to the solutions table. We believe in developing engaging consumer programs to drive viral outbreaks of emotions.

Our Experiential Team breaks down the brand and sales team silos to customize programs on an account-specific level. Each program is crafted by hand to meet brand and sales objectives for both our client and the retailer.

Ultimately, our integrated approach creates a win-win-win strategy at all levels - from the brand to the retailer to the consumer.

In any given year, we develop and execute dozens of record-breaking special events and sponsorships throughout the U.S. having coined what has become known in our industry as the On-Air / On-Site event strategy.

When it comes to driving customer acquisition, revenue generation solutions and sustained ecommerce business growth, SJG continues to outperform its projected results through proven tracking methods of measurable success.

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President & CCO
As a true visionary and entrepreneur at heart, George believes creative thinking has to be at the forefront of every department within an agency. He is a relentless pursuer of the insightful idea that can transform and change human behavior. "If you can imagine it, our creative department can bring it to life."

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