Sports and Business: If you’re on time, you’re already late

I’ve played the female version of America’s past-time my entire life, and I’ve always attributed my character to what I’ve learned from the game. Now- entering the fast-paced world of business- more than ever, I’m I glad I had softball (and sports and general) to teach me some simple rules.

Sports/business Rule #3: Be early.

Punctuality is HUGE in sports. It’s not just planning to start a game (meeting) at 3—it begins way before then. You have to practice (but not overdo it), make sure you get a good night’s sleep and catch the bus in the morning. If you don’t make your bus, you don’t play the game. Whatever role you play on the team—pitcher, catcher, DH or highly spirited bench warmer— your participation matters. Don’t hurt the team by not making your bus.

Once you’re at the field (on time- and by on time, I mean early), you don’t sit around and wait for the first pitch; it’s time to warm up. And if your coach (boss) has to tell you to warm up, you should be ashamed of yourself, because it means you should have gotten started already.

Sometimes, your bus breaks down (you are or your plane/train is delayed) and you’re running late; life happens- but don’t let set backs become habits. Punctuality is as important in business as it is in sports.

Thanks sports for teaching me that the bus waits for nobody! Stay tuned for some more business lessons I learned from sports.

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Photo source: Julian Lim via Flickr

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