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Sports and Business: Teams Collaborating efforts while working toward a common goal

I’ve played the female version of America’s past-time my entire life, and I’ve always attributed my character to what I’ve learned from the game. Now- entering the fast-paced world of business- more than ever, I’m glad I had softball (and sports and general) to teach me some simple rules.

Sports/business Rule #1: Play within yourself.

Play your position. It’s unrealistic to have your coach put you at third and second base at the same time. No matter how good of a third baseman you are, when it works out best for the team for you to play second, play it!

Sometimes in business, it can be alarming when another person comes in and changes (or say, enhances) your work; but, at the end of the day, they’re playing their position on the team, and you’re playing yours. So don’t get offended when your boss doesn’t ask you to do a whole assignment by yourself, or sends someone to help you out with a project—he or she is just filling the roster. Why put eight players on the field when you can have nine?

Stay tuned for more lessons from sports for the real world.

Cover Photo Souce: Richard foster via Flickr

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