Super Sunday Night Super Bowl

Chykie Brown made dome angels as black, white, purple and yellow confetti rained down on the Mercedes-Benz Superdome’s turf last night. Although the Super Bowl came down to a controversial “nail-biting” finish, in the end, the Raven’s “got ‘er done” and brought  the Vince Lombardi Trophy back to Baltimore.

Aside from football and the Harbaugh human interest element, viewers had several reasons to tune in last night: commercials ranging from the heart felt, (Budweiser “Brotherhood,” Jeep “Whole Again,”) and the the hilarious (Taco Bell “Viva Young,”–to which my grandmother responded, “see seniors can have fun too”– Samsung “The Next Big Thing,”) the sickening (#Nodaddy, I mean Go Daddy “Perfect Match,”) and the down right confusing (Wonderful Pistachio “Psy– Get Crackin;'” ) astonishing and awe-inspiring musical performances by Jennifer Hudson and the Sandy Hook Elementary Choir, Alicia Keys, Beyonce and Destiny’s Child; and the ever entertaining thirty minute Super Bowl blackout. Alright, maybe people didn’t “tune in” for the black out, but it sure gave time and purpose for people to Tweet in:

Hinting Beyonce’s talents shut it down. (What a supportive husband that Jay-Z is).

Speculating  Kanye’s very possible reaction to Beyonce’s halftime show.

The delay even left some time for brands to get some exposure (since commercials were also delayed).

Eventually, the NFL was able to “light em up” (as Fall Out Boy sings in their new secretly recorded single, “My Songs Know What You Did in the Dark”). When the lights came back, the momentum switched hands from the Ravens to the 49ers, but in the last two minutes, a controversial play (which has many believing a holding flag should have been thrown) decided the fate of the game– 34-32.

As soon as the clock expired, camera crews flocked to the highly anticipated Harbaugh brother midfield post game handshake– something John admitted was one of the hardest things he’s ever had to do. So what did John and Jim say to each other after the game? An exchange of “I love you,” and “congratulations, I’m proud of you.” Way to play nice boys.

So now that you’ve had the recap, check out my five favorite moments of the XLVII:

5. John’s temper tantrum.

So often we see Jim speaking in a rather animated fashion– but it was his brother who came with the bark to Super Bowl. I was very much entertained, even if John regretted it this morning.

4. Jacoby Jones 108 yard return.

I was not even rooting for the Ravens, but that was something.

3. Destiny’s Child.

Kelly, Michelle and Beyonce might have been able to handle the Superdome, but apparently the dome couldn’t handle them. When the band united to sing epic was the only word that came to mind.

2. Colin Kaepernick’s 15-yard touchdown run.

Let’s face it– the 49ers needed to make the game a little interesting. Even if the 49ers didn’t win, setting some Super Bowl records has got to taste pretty good.

1. The (semi) power outage.

I found the crisis entertaining. Every year the Super Bowl is the same old thing, why not turn half the lights off and watch a bunch of men look confused for thirty minutes.

What were your favorite moments of Super Bowl XLVII?

Cover Photo Source: Au Kirk via Flickr

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