Trending News Monday: Tech in the News

Google is playing Throwback Monday today for the 40th anniversary of the Rubik’s Cube (that doesn’t sound at all like something a tech company would highlight). If you’ve been wasting your day away trying to match up the colors of Google’s digital Rubik’s Cube (a.k.a. the most frustrating interactive logo the search engine has ever displayed), and you’ve missed the […]

Two Too Much?

Too Much Good TV? Is there too much “good television” on the air right now? This topic has recently come up a few times, and is one that’s starting to make an avid TV watcher like myself question his viewing habits. I first started considering this a little over a week ago when I read this […]

Weekend Box Office

Okay so only one of the movies in review here was viewed on the actual weekend.  But whatever…  The other one is the only one really worthy of being reviewed in my opinion, please let me know if you don’t share it.     Madagascar 3: Europe’s Most Wanted was painfully endured over this past […]