Two Downsizing Trends for Tuesday

Whether it’s keeping up with the Jones or the Kardashians, American society has an affinity for staying current with the latest and greatest trends from fashion, furnishings and white picket fences to television, travel and hot techno gadgets. Of course, brands and advertisers have no problem with this; it’s the social norm that has people camped out in […]

Wednesdays without Will: The Price of Social

Discussing the future of advertising or even just the role of digital and the Internet on advertising has one consistent truth: with digital, we are better able to target our advertising to a person’s interest, and, going forward, that process will get more and more exact. However, the effectiveness of digital advertising–especially with social media–remains […]

Wednesdays without Will: Dove and Defining Beauty

For every society in the world, the history of makeup and cosmetics dates back several thousand years. However, makeup didn’t become a main part of the American culture until the early twentieth century when Hollywood began making it more mainstream. Quickly catching on, the flapper culture embraced and used makeup for personal use by the […]

Doritos Crashes the Super Bowl

It’s Super Bowl time, and advertisers are getting ready to showcase their commercials at this year’s game. As for Doritos, this is their seventh year of the “Crash the Super Bowl” contest where filmmakers can submit a 30-second Doritos commercial. Five finalist will be considered for the two spots that will face off during the […]