Two for Tuesday: Coca-Cola and Health

Coca-Cola, official 2014 World Cup partner, has proven something of a lightning rod in recent years with regards to its attempts to tackle health and weight issues surrounding its products in its advertising. This Two for Tuesday, we’re featuring two ad campaigns in recent years where Coke tried to re-brand as healthy, and the public response. […]

Trending News Monday: A Groundhogs Day Punxsutawney Phil Couldn’t Predict

For much of the weekend, the Super Bowl ruled the news waves and news feeds; along with the big game–and the advertisements that surrounded it–the news of the premature death of one of the country’s most notable talents also spread across the country. This Trending News Monday, we’re detailing some of the weekend’s biggest headlines. […]

Funny Friday: Cameos and Puppies: The Cream of Super Bowl Ad Crop

Calling all sports fans, commercial fans, food fans, Bruno Mars fans and don’t-really-care-about-anything-but-being-social fans–get ready because The BIG GAME is almost here. Nope, not the World Cup (that’s this summer); not the Sochi Olympics (those are still two weeks away); we’re talking about the Super Bowl. In a way, this year’s game seems less exciting: perhaps […]

Two Ways to Recycle Ads

The green movement has certainly taken off in recent years to the point where brands are finding it to be profitable and good for their image to associate with environmental goals. Now, recycling physical products is certainly a very ecological move on the part of both the company and the consumer, but what about recycling […]

Super Bowl XLVII: AFC vs. NFC, East Coast vs. West Coast and Brother vs. Brother

As one of the most watched sporting events of the year, the Super Bowl has a little something for everyone: sports, entertaining advertisements, high profile musicians and a little drama. And to spark the drama factor, in a little less than two weeks, two teams will face off to determine who is the better team… and who is coached by […]