Two For Tuesday: Travel Apps for a Simpler Trip

It’s another holiday in the books as the calendar turns to September, the weather turns downward, and travelers’ eyes across the country turn to the next holiday. As you begin to book your Thanksgiving flights, we here at Our Space hope to make your next trip even easier – because what word better describes holiday […]

Two Suprisingly Social Apps for Tuesday

Did you know Apple’s App Store website has over 1,000 different apps that are classified as social networking apps? These apps are designed to help users make new friends, keep in contact with loved ones and meet a potential significant other. However, apps that are not intentionally designed for social networking, or include social networking […]

Two For Tuesday: Two apps that will save your workflow

Sometimes working on big projects is really exciting and a great chance to flex those creative and analytical muscles. Other times, big tasks or a heap of responsibilities is more than daunting and requires a lot of plate spinning. In managing projects, technology can be a blessing and a curse; if your smartphone is as important […]

Throwback Thursday: You’ve Got Mail But Maybe Not Voice Mail

Remember voice mails where the ways to leave messages or when mobiles were used primarily for calls (and Snake)? Cells evolved, and WhatsApp, Facebook’s $19 billion acquisition, maybe one of the apps drastically changing the mobile world: wireless plans with no talk and/or text, just data. While it sounds limiting, apps like WhatsApp could make […]

Wisdom.Applied Wednesday: When the Apps changed the Ads

This Wisdom.Applied Wednesday, we’re looking at Apple’s latest release and what it means for the advertising game.     Did Apple even imagine they would drastically change the advertising game when they introduced the iPhone back in 2007? Just two years after its release, smartphone users had completely altered the way cell phone users searched […]

Wednesdays without Will: iOS 7 and the Extreme Phone Makeover

iPhone, iPad and Apple people, do we have a Wednesdays without Will for you. Android and Microsoft employees, I mean, Windows phone users—sorry, this doesn’t concern you. Today, Apple released iOS 7, the long awaited, much anticipated radical Apple software update. Like Jennifer said last week, “update” doesn’t seem to cut it when talking about […]

Funny Friday: Social Media Personalities

Social media is not only a great tool, but also a form of entertainment. Some use social media to creep, others to let everyone know how cool they are and still more love to use it as an outlet to broadcast their dissatisfaction with everything from brands to bad luck. A recent survey conducted by the […]

Two Apps for Tuesday

Time for a Vine Last month, the Twitter-owned Vine app claimed the number one free Apple iOS app spot. Today, the iOS-exclusive app still sits pretty at number four. It took six months for the video sharing app to get there, but given its popularity especially on Twitter, this app has staying power (it hasn’t […]

Wednesdays with Will: Will’s Top Apps

Now I wouldn’t say I’m the most tech savvy person on the planet, but I feel like I have a good idea about what’s relevant today as a millennial. Here is a screen shot of my most used apps today. Twitter, Facebook and Foursquare are obviously the most popular/oldest of my social apps. Although, for […]

Univision debuts Its First Digital Network

Univision has launched a bilingual digital network called Uvideos that lives online and is also available on mobile devices. While many Latinos consume live content, like telenovelas, news and sports, the viewing habits of the younger demographic is changing. People want to access content quickly, in shorter bits of video and have the option to […]