Two For Tuesday: Oktoberfest with a Latin American Flair

As October enters the home stretch and Halloween pulls into view, we here at The San Jose Group hope that you’ve had the opportunity to drink plenty of beer in honor of that other beloved October tradition – the German beer celebration known as Oktoberfest, which originated in Munich. Throughout the month, bars, breweries, cities […]

Funny Friday: Fun Dinosaur Facts

A few weeks ago, a group of scientists in southern Brazil discovered a large number of fossil remains of a new dinosaur species. The newfound species has been given the name Caijuajara dobruskii and belonged to an order of winged creatures known as pterosaurs that lived about 100 million years ago. More informally, the new […]

Trending News Monday: World Cup in the Record Books

Yesterday, Germany wrote their way into the history books, defeating Argentina in extra time. While LeBron James announced his decision to return to Cleveland, the Bulls welcomed Pau Gasol and Nike’s Jordan Brand tipped a hat to Derek Jeter, World Cup brand partners were happy to discover that the 2014 FIFA World Cup far surpassed any […]

Wisdom.Applied Wednesday: Powerful Latin American Ads

Barton F. Graf 9000’s spoof of The Barbarian Group epitomized the ad industry—innovatively competitive agencies that produce more than just ads. As advertising advances and competition becomes more and more fierce, agencies all around the globe try to keep topping their rivals by developing unique content that could appeal today’s ever-changing consumer. In the past […]

Throwback Thursday: Xul Solar

Advertisers aren’t romanticizing the industry when they say that it’s made up of artists, poets, writers and businessmen. After all, today’s ads are arguably the most prominent (albeit unappreciated in some cases) pieces of art available to the masses. True art–and good ads–evoke emotions. This Throwback Thursday, we’re sharing an artist we appreciate: Xul Solar. […]

Brought to you from Argentina: Pope Francis

As white smoke released into the open air above the Vatican, the world set its eyes on St. Peter’s Square wondering who the new leader of the Catholic Church would be. The public speculated several papal candidates from Canada’s Cardinal Marc Ouellet, to Italy’s Cardinal Angelo Scola to the Philippine’s Cardinal Luis Antonio “Chito” Tagle, […]